Thank you for visiting Kidlandia, where children are invited to rule kingdoms of their own. Make a personalized map, or share the Kreechurs' story with a child. 


We love maps! It's amazing how much meaning can exist in a single image. History, relationships, memory, events - it's all there. You just need to know how to read it. So give your favorite child a kingdom of their own, to invest with child's own rich past, present, and future

To Purchase a Map

Kidlandia offers a personalized map poster through Zazzle. Please visit: 

While Zazzle does not offer the deep personalization of original Kidlandia maps, it does provide the essence of a personalized kingdom. 

For a deeply customized map by the artist, please contact bbackus - at - gmail. Prices range from $475 for an art print to $15,000 for a large canvas. 

The Book

Kreechur Chronicles is the tale of the origin of the Kreechurs, and how they came to inhabit the 4th planet from the Sun (invisible to grown-ups). This charming fantasy chapter book, at 58 pages, is perfect for kids ages 6-10. Find the book on Amazon, paperback or Kindle, at:


Please stay in touch. Kidlandia will continue to evolve, and counts on your ongoing interest. All major announcements will occur through our FaceBook page, at



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